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If you’re hiring our gear, then you really ought to read this…

Pengelly’s Marquee Hire: stuff you should know

As you should be aware, we offer a flexible and affordable marquee and event hire service with a DIY aspect.

As flexible as we are, we do have some ground rules and so here is some stuff that we want you to know.

Delivery and collection

We are based in Porthleven so, as a rough guide, delivery as far as Truro is £100 each way – Truro and beyond £125 each way (prices are negotiable). If you have a van or trailer, then you are welcome to come and collect the marquee yourself and we will help you load.

If it’s just a marquee, then a long-wheelbase Transit (etc) will carry it (be aware that the main poles are the bigger marquees come in 12ft sections). If there’s a lot of equipment, then you’ll be looking at a few trips.


Erection and placing of hire stock

As with all our equipment hire, you will be expected to put it in place.

If you’re hiring a marquee, then one of our team will attend the job to help and give you guidance. We will tell you how many people we need at your end to help.

We can provide extra labour to erect marquees without your help, but this will be at an hourly rate. Please ask for a quote.

If we turn up on the day and there are not enough people, we will either leave the marquee with you to erect when you have more people – or cancel the hire and keep your deposit.

If you’re late for the time we agreed to put the tent up – we’ll stick around for a bit. However, if you’re massively late, then we will leave and not come back. If you are running late, let us know and we can rearrange our timings.


Taking down / returning

We’ll expect you to take down the marquee yourself, pack away neatly and stack ready for loading into our van (unless you are returning yourselves). If we are collecting the items, then we will expect you to help load the van.

We do offer a guided take down service, where one of our team members will guide and help you take down the marquee quickly, safely and pack away correctly. There is a charge for this, but it isn’t much considering the time and energy it can save. The price depends on the size of marquee / amount of equipment and will be around £100.



We have basic public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance. However, the erection, use and deconstruction of marquees and equipment is completely the hirer’s responsibility. If you’re having a public event, you really need to sort some public liability insurance. We will not be held liable for any injury or damage. We recommend these guys http://insuremyevent.org/ for public liability insurance; they are reasonably-priced and very helpful.



Hire items do get some wear and tear and if items are returned a little stressed – that’s fine. However, if there is considerable damage due to misuse – cut ropes and sheets, smashed furnishings, water in electrical appliances, items missing etc – then you will be expected to cover the cost of that damage. Don’t lose our metal marquee pins, that really winds us up. Don’t put screws, staples or nails in our poles. People don’t take them out and out staff get cut hands. Use gaffer tape or ropes to fix items onto poles. We’ll see screws and nails as damage to the poles.


Deposits and payments

We take a £100 deposit to secure a booking. If you want to change a date, and the date you’re moving to is free – then that’s fine. However, if you cancel or we can’t do your new date – we keep the £100.

We expect payment before on the day of delivery / erection. If we don’t have the money, we don’t leave you with a tent or the hire equipment.

We also now put an extra £100 excess on the final bill to cover damage and loss. The majority of our clients are cool, but we’ve had two cases recently where someone cut holes in our marquee walls and another burnt a few of our chairs – then refused to cover the cost. If there’s no damage and we get all our items back, then we’ll refund you the £100.



We’ve never let anyone down yet, but if something catastrophic happens at our end and we can’t make a job – we’ll let you know as soon as we can and pay back all monies in full. This paragraph is really just to cover ourselves if something serious goes down.



Someone stole one of our marquees from a field once. We made the hirer buy us a new one; it wasn’t cheap. Look after our stuff.



We drive 2ft steel pins into the ground. If there are any underground services like water pipes, electric cables, fibre optics – you’ll need to tell us or be aware of this. We will not be held liable for any damage caused by the driving of metal pins into your ground.


Dry and clean

We expect our items to be returned dry and clean for the next hire. Marquees need to come down dry. If the marquee is wet, then we’ll need to wait for a dry day. If items are returned dirty, then we will charge you for cleaning.



Our hire equipment is older stock, and well-used. It is fit for purpose, but will have some signs of wear and tear. The smaller tents, particularly the 20ft by 40ft tents, have some muddy patches on the roof sections. We do offer drapes that cover roof sections and these have been recently washed. If you’re looking for pristine white marquees and the latest in event hire equipment, then we suggest you prepare to pay more money and look elsewhere.


Bad weather / wind

If there’s a storm, we’ll insist that you lower the marquee and hold your event elsewhere / another time. Any wind speed above 30mph will necessitate the lowering of the tent. You might want to consider exposure to the elements when siting a marquee. Hedges, trees and buildings act as good windbreaks. You don’t see marquees on hilltops for a good reason. As a guideline, we don’t erect marquees if the wind speed exceeds 22mph.

Although our marquees are waterproofed, if the rain is torrential water may find a way in – often under the marquee sides if in a dip or on the seams. If heavy rain is expected, reassess the electrical safety aspect of your event.

Please do monitor the weather reports with regards to erecting any marquee and the planning of your event.


We have a price list, and we try to stick to it. We understand that we are the most affordable event hire company in the South West. If you can find cheaper, well done – use them instead. So we don’t haggle, do ‘job lots’ or ‘mate’s rates’ to people we don’t know – our price is the price. We honour all quotes to the best of our ability, but everything is getting so expensive all the time. We reserve the right to increase our prices at any time.



As a rule, we don’t issue refunds. If something is not correct, let us know and we’ll do all we can to make it right. Sometimes items can go awry, and if it’s our fault then we’ll work out a solution. We will only consider such cases within 48 hours of your event 0r the hire item being utilised. We will not entertain people who overspend on their wedding / event, then try and claim £50 back on a hire because a lightbulb wasn’t working.


If you want to know more about our services and equipment hire, then please call or email us.


07811 154439


Pengelly Event Hire,
Unit One,
Wharf Road,
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